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Principal Investigator

Prof. Felicita Tramontana

Picture of Prof. Felicita Tramontana, PI of the HOLYLAB project

Before moving to Roma Tre, I was Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellow (MSCA-IF-2014-EF, GA. 657118), at the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance of Warwick University (2016-2018) and Eurias Junior fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (2015-1016). Between 2010 and 2013 I was the Scientific coordinator (for the University of Palermo) of the research project (FIRB) “Beyond “Holy War”. Between 2009 and 2010, I was a researcher at the Oriental Institute of the Martin Luther University of Halle – Wittenberg (Germany). In 2008 I was awarded a PhD in Human Rights by the University of Teramo.

I am associate professor in Early Modern History at Roma Tre (Department of Political Science) and PI of the ERC-funded project HOLYLAB.

My main research interests are Mediterranean history and the social history of the Ottoman Empire in the Early Modern period (1500-1800). Most of my research activity has been focused on Ottoman Palestine, with special attention to the history of Palestinian villages; I have written on religious conversions, changes in the distribution of the Christian population, rural mobility and Franciscans’ parishes in the area. More recently, I have worked on geographical mobility across the Mediterranean, networks and mobility infrastructures.

Research Team

Dr. Rebecca Carnevali

Picture of Dr. Rebecca Carnevali

A trained visual and cultural historian, I specialise in the early modern period and printed communication and their analysis through the lens of economic and social history with a MA at the Warburg Institute in London.

My PhD project at the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance of the University of Warwick, funded by a Wolfson Foundation Scholarship, explored the relationship between early modern Italian political life and cheap print.

My research interests combine the study of the financial mechanisms employed by bureaucracies and institutions to the purpose of gathering and circulating objects, such as paper-related items, with the reconstruction of the networks shaping urban trades from the social and relational viewpoint, with the aim of shedding light on the economic and organisational implications behind the functioning of complex polities. Over the years, I have also developed an expertise in the data analysis of pre-modern sources.

Dr. Lorenzo Lastilla

Picture of Dr. Lorenzo Lastilla

Currently research fellow at the Department of Political Sciences of the Roma Tre University within the ERC project HOLYLAB, I was awarded my PhD in Data Science at Sapienza University of Rome in 2022.

On the one hand, my research project explored the 3D digitization of undeciphered scripts, within the ERC project “INSCRIBE: INvention of SCRIpts and their BEginnings”, based at Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna; on the other, the application of deep learning algorithms to the task of handwriting identification for medieval and modern manuscripts, in cooperation with the “In Codice Ratio” project, based at Roma Tre University. After the PhD, I also collaborated on the PRIN 2017 project “Books in motion. Circulation and Construction of Knowledge between Italy and Europe in the Early Modern Period”, based at Roma Tre University.

My main research interest is the application of deep learning solutions to ancient manuscripts, with the aim of solving several information extraction tasks, such as handwritten text recognition, handwriting identification, and named-entity recognition.

Dr. Andrea Selleri

Picture of Dr. Andrea Selleri

I am an assistant professor at the Department of English Language and Literature at Bilkent University in Ankara.

Prior to that, I was awarded a PhD in English and Comparative Literary Studies by the University of Warwick, and I worked for a few years as a freelance teacher, translator and copy-editor.

I publish mostly on nineteenth-century British literature and intellectual history, but I range more broadly in adjacent fields.

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